Sunday, January 4, 2009

Framespan: A registered trademark of Tommy Ewasko. All rights reserved.

Framespan is an original photographic storytelling technique created by imagemaker Tommy Ewasko to meld motion picture filmmaking with photography, wherein the canvas is comprised of precisely two and one-half frames captured on film in actual sequence. Tommy often turns his lens to this approach, each time creating a memorable mise-en-scene.

Soon after September 11, 2001, Tommy captured the Framespan sequence above.

The first image is of the Lincoln Tunnel going into the city. Cool concrete walls with streaks of speeding automobile lights portray an image of never-sleeping frenzy amid engineered permanence,a metaphor for New Yorkers' undiminished lifestyle.

Then there's a cock-eyed street shot of large buildings. In the foreground, a large Postal Service building usually lost in the blur of a busy metropolitan commute.

The final shot, New York's majesty, as told by its impressive architecture. The Empire State Building bursts up toward the open skies, a shining symbol of America's hope and promise.

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